GTA 6's first trailer drop on December 5

Rejoice all the GTA fans, as Rockstar sets the stage for the launch of GTA 6's first trailer.

According to the leaked gameplay clip, Grand Theft Auto 6 would play like a classic Grand Theft Auto game, letting players shoot, drive, and explore a sizable open world.

Additionally, it appears from the footage that the game will include some new features like swimming and grappling hook use.

There are rumors that the most recent version of the game takes place in a contemporary version of Vice City, which is a made-up city similar to Miami. 

Since the 2006 release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, this would mark the first time that Vice City has been revisited.

According to the leaked gameplay footage, there will be two protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 6: a woman named Lucia and a man named Jason.

Grand Theft Auto VI is an upcoming action-adventure game in development by Rockstar Games. 

There has been conflicting feedback over the possibility of a female protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto franchise for the first time.